At Cartel we specialise in high scale projects and love nothing more than to produce a great set of tracks. Our recording sessions run in 8 hour blocks, daytimes (10am - 6pm) or evenings (6.30pm - 2.30am). Timings can be more flexible if requested providing other bookings allow.

We aim that all songs are release quality when they leave the studio. This means recording to a click track is always desirable, and making sure we get the best out of our acts is our goal. You would expect nothing less from a label owned studio. For more information get in contact.

Recording rates per 8 hour day / evening:


190 per day

170 per day (2 days+ / con cessions)

Reduced Price Package Deals


1,000 - 7 days

1,249 - 7 days including accommodation


1,899 - 14 day delux album deal

2,199 - 14 day delux album deal including accommodation for out of town acts

Use our Studio Time Booking Form to book recording sessions or make enquiries.

Or contact with us by email with queries: studio@cartelstudios.co.uk

We can also provide quality Live Album Recording at London events from 250

Out of town shows can be recording at an extra cost depending on location

Session musicians and Co-Writing are also available.

At Cartel we work to grow the sound of a band, cutting a single, EP or an album. With any 14 day deal, we also throw in a 2 hour A&R workshop session (available by Skype if required) with label decision makers, to help make constructive changes to key songs in advance of the recording.

Let us know what you need and we will be able to give you realistic expectations of time frame and help you to prepare for your recording.


Do you need days & evenings to get a recording done? Let us know!