Studio 1 is available for rehearsal slots at 30 per 4 hour session, with the 4th booking free. If you would like to book 2 or more sessions in the same week the price will be reduced to 22.50 per session. This includes the use of:

3 Microphones & Stands
Pearl Export Drumkit, including snare and cymbals if required.
Marshall Amplifier
Bass DI
Guitar and Bass Stands
2000 Watt PA
12 Channel Soundcraft Mixer

There is free parking by arrangement.

Booking Times:




Graveyard shifts are also available from 11.30pm - 9am any night for only 40 for those who like to live on the darkside.

We can be flexible with timing if notified, and if there isn't another band booked i n, there's no reason why you can't overrun a little if you like, or a practice from 6-10 or 8-12 for example.

Use our booking form to book rehearsals in Studio 1 or to make enquiries.